Welcome to KLND Family Office

"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold if the market shuts down for ten years."

Warren Buffet

Welcome to KLND Family Office

"The greatness of a man is not how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively."

Bob Marley

Welcome to KLND Family Office

"Today be thankful and think how rich you are. Your family is priceless. Your time is gold and your health is wealth."

Zig Ziglar

Welcome to KLND Family Office

"The money you have gives you freedom; the money you pursue enslaves you."

Jean-Jacques Rousseau


KLND Family Office is a family office offering our high net worth customers a highly personalized service, tailored to serve the needs of multiple generations. We see ourselves as long-term custodians of our client's holdings, nurturing and protecting their interests.

We are far more than an investment company; we work hand in hand with our client families, learning the unique requirements and needs of each generation and formulate investment and management strategies tailored to cater to the sometimes diverse needs and expectations in order to guarantee sustained and enduring positive returns.

We are a boutique firm located in Switzerland. Established in 2013 by our two founder-partners with many years of executive level experience in the finance market between them. They had a mutual goal to provide a superior family office experience for individuals and families of high value.

Fast forward to the present and the company has grown and now covers the full gamut of family office services, including investment portfolio management, strategic planning, real estate investments, tax planning, cross generational transition, estate planning, business management services, concierge services and lifestyle management.

We never forget that we carry the fortune of future generations in our capable hands and are here to help that fortune thrive and grow.

We have a diverse investment strategy; in addition to more traditional avenues of investment such as stocks and bonds and real estate holdings, we offer our investors access to new tech startup ventures in such exciting fields as AI, autonomous vehicles, IoT, smart cities, medical technology, agri-tech, and more.

We closely accompany our clients and have a policy of full transparency, providing clients with regular updates on portfolio performance and activity and liaising with them regularly, making sure they are informed at all times, their input is valuable and is always a major factor in any decisions we take while managing their holdings on their behalf.


We are proud of our in-house team of professionals, all of whom are committed to providing a consistently superior level of service to our clients. Our crew includes among others investment managers, market analysts, tech specialists, taxation and legal experts, as well as lifestyle coordinators. We work with a trusted team of professional associates on a per project basis, these enable us to provide our clients with a broad based service package.


When running a family office cross-generational, engagement is a prerequisite. Every family has its own distinctive way of interacting and a special family culture. Each family member has a unique individual skill and talent set, it's important to make the best of these talents and make the family values and culture the basis for success in future generations.

We all know that in any family things don't always run smoothly, and when the family's wealth and future financial wellbeing are at stake it's vital that family members are involved and share the common goal. Often in the case of family businesses the solution lies in emotional support, instilling shared values and goals and recognizing everyone's validity.

We are here to provide family governance guidance and to help lay the groundwork for cross-generational cooperation, showing everyone that they have a valid point of view and they have a common goal to attain.


Working with KLND Family Office brings many benefits to our clients including:

  • Active cross generational family involvement
  • Company administration
  • Round the clock support
  • Portfolio management, including properties, investments & holdings
  • Cross-generational wealth planning & implementation
  • Tax and legal support
  • Venture Capital and Tech finance
  • Lifestyle management & concierge

At KLND Family Office we know that you expect us to understand your requirements and goals, the level of exposure to risk you are willing and able to accept, and the expected yield on your investments. We are committed to carrying out your wishes and implement them to your satisfaction.

Among the most common exclusive services we offer our clients:

Investment Strategy & Risk Management

We spend a great deal of time and effort into intimately learning your needs and expectations and translating them into a mutually agreed upon investment strategy. We carry out and monitor your assets performance on your behalf while adhering to this strategy and within the constraints of your capacity for risk. We do all we can to mitigate undue risks, particularly during volatile market conditions.

Family Involvement

KLND Family Office regularly hosts scheduled cross-generational meetings with the aim of creating a consolidated and unified investment strategy. We understand that open communication and multi-generational involvement means that more family members identify with mutually agreed strategies and goals, this in turn facilitates effective portfolio management with minimal friction.

Investment Advice

KLND Family Office's specialists offer our clients investment advice on various avenues of investment according to their predefined risk capacity profile. Once the client has evaluated our recommendations they make the final decision regarding the composition of their investment portfolio.

Portfolio Management

We manage our clients' investment portfolios and holdings on their behalf while adhering to the agreed upon investment strategy and profile. Our professionals are here to assist in every capacity and we offer management services not only for financial investments, such as stocks and bonds, but also for property holdings and tangible assets. We closely monitor portfolio performance and regularly inform our clients, we also consult with them as and when new strategies are required in order to assist them to make recommended policy changes.

Innovative Investment Opportunities

In addition to traditional avenues of investment KLND Family Office investment analysts and advisors scour the market for promising investment prospects, these may be private equity, funds, real estate, or direct investments to name but a few. One of the fields we are focused on in particular for its attractive investment opportunities is the burgeoning tech sector, we actively seek promising new ventures and help developers take the first steps in turning their ideas into profitable commercial products, thus yielding attractive returns for our investors. In recent years we have invested in a number of exciting startups in the tech sector in such fields as AI, IoT, big data, autonomous vehicles, smart city, and many more.

Estate Planning

From our experience estate planning is of vital importance; without a clearly defined succession plan designed for the benefit of the family as a whole the future can be bleak, full of uncertainty or even hostility between family members, often leading to an impasse and an inability to effectively manage the family's holdings and interests. It is far better to delineate a clear cut succession plan taking everyone's needs and the interests of the family as a whole into account. KLND Family Office's estate planning professionals are here to find the best solutions to suit the client's needs.

Tax Planning & Compliance

At KLND Family Office we offer comprehensive tax planning and implementation services, taking into account such issues as tax residency, compliance with international banking rules, estate planning considerations and more. We assess and identify any potential taxation issues and formulate strategies to mitigate them, this while working closely with the family's own tax advisors to provide a unified approach vis-a-vis the authorities and the banking community.

Company Administration

KLND Family Office manages family trusts and foundations on our clients' behalf, in many cases family members serve as company directors and actively work with us to act in the interests of their holdings and interests. We assist families wherever possible, taking a seat on their boards and facilitate proactive governance.

Lifestyle & Concierge

We provide our clients with a wide range of lifestyle and concierge services designed to make life easier and free of worries. KLND Family Office's lifestyle experts are available to help ease our client's busy schedule with our exclusive concierge services. We are available around the clock to assist our clients in a variety of services, such as making arrangements for business trips or family vacations to exclusive destinations, hotel, restaurant and vehicle bookings, household management, arranging VIP access to venues, concerts, cultural institutions and more.

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